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Glass: from past to present, from art to technology

Vetromarca , established in 1983, is a Company specialized in the manufacture of glass for interiors, decorative objects, giftware and promotional items, lighting and automotive glazing.

We combine artisan traditions, innovative technologies and refined materials to represent contribution of our glass processing company to Made in Italy excellence on global market. Based close to the city of Treviso near Venice, Vetromarca is a renowned leader of glass processing in Italy and abroad. Since our creation in 1983, day by day we developed our passion about quality and performance working with all types of glass and customer requirements of any complexity.

Our Italian Enterprise distinguishes among other companies not only in high-quality glass-working, but also in careful response to the customer’s requests and creative passion that inspires us. Discovering the website of our company you will be able to view all different kinds of glass manufacturing techniques: glass sandblasting, tempered techniques, cutting, incision, bending, etching and much more. Applying various processing techniques, we receive unique products, such as frosted and toughened glass used in Italian furniture industry. This is the reason why we speak of 'processes of glass' in the plural form - our creations are numerous and varied.

Our manufacture coverage is about 4000 square meters equipped with highly technological machinery. Vetromarca is a consolidated team of 15 working glass experts capable of effective solutions to deliver project of any range and complexity. These are the main factors making Vetromarca one of the best glass processing and manufacturing companies considering both capacity and quality aspects.

Reliability and custom-made approach are among the main values of Vetromarca in collaboration with the client. We use extensive commercial network and contact expert agents to achieve optimal results on international markets. Alongside with quality and performance of our glass processing company, we make same commitment to ensure long standing relationships with our customers in Italy and foreign countries. Our clients are based in Austria, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark and several countries outside the EU. Precisely for this reason, we speak of 'processes of glass' in the plural, because our creations are numerous and varied.

We welcome you to discover how we put technologies and traditions together, processing the glass into Made in Italy product of world class level.

Through an extensive commercial network and the collaboration of expert agents, the technical and artistic glass to be processed is transformed into products that are marketed throughout the country and exported to Europe (mainly in Austria, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark) and in several countries outside the EU. Besides, by the use of various processing techniques, it is possible to obtain various types of glass, such as frosted glass and toughened glass, intended for the furniture industry. Precisely for this reason, we speak of 'processes of glass', in the plural, because our creations are numerous and varied.

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