Glass manufacturing companies in Italy represent true artisan art with authentic origins which have spanned the millennia. Beginning with small utensils, jewelry or simple vases and finishing with exclusive creations from Murano experts, Italian glass companies offer widest expertise in the field. Nowadays, glass production and processing are carried out using industrial processes and methods which enable increasingly versatile, functional and durable designs.

Vetromarca has a significant presence on global market, making strong commitment to Made in Italy excellence worldwide. Established in 1983, we developed our authentic expertise in glass working for interiors, lighting, home automation, household articles, promotional items and giftware. Our company develops strong partnerships with manufacturers, firms and professionals (architects, artisans, interior designers) as well as with private individuals looking for glass manufacturers in Italy offering highest quality, processing techniques, attention to details and assortment. Everything we do is reflected in our work principles, but also in our production: density, responsibility and innovative approach.

High quality of glass manufacturing and production capacity of our company are based on 4000 m² of plant managed by strong team of 15 professionals. Italian quality and high standards are ensured with efficient in-house organization, newest machinery and technologies providing wide range of processes like cutting, milling, water jetssanding and acid etching, tempering, beveling and bonding.

Expansive commercial network of our glass manufacturing company extends all over Italy going beyond Europe thanks to effective communication directly or through agents.


DNV nuovo       ISO 9001 Certification