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We are glass bending company offering full range of production services to manufacture top notch products.  Glass curving is a process during which the glass is heated up to the softening temperature by means of ovens. The use of appropriate molds allows to bend glass material while precisely slow cooling protects it from excessive tension. We appreciate the versatililty of glass which can be processed in countless variations where every curve is unique.

To gain success in manufacturing of curved glass products our company always used latest achievements in the sphere of glass bending. Using this technology we provide elegant glass curved elements in architectural design that change rooms and locations, making the ordinary things extra-ordinary. We try not restrict ourselves as glass bending company – we create decorative art consciously and with passion.

Vetromarca combines years of craftsmanship experience and advanced technologies to meet the needs of local and foreign customers in quality and artisan artWe do not simply bend glass: our experts pay particular attention to colors, patterns, textures, and images to realize client's ideas and projects in every detail.

Our professionals will be pleased to help and suggest you the optimal solutions for your project or needs. Please, feel free to contact us for more details about our activities and our passion for curved glass.