Waterjet cutting

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Successful manufacturing practice based on rich traditions and passion about technologies brought us to avant-garde of water jet glass cutting in Italy and abroad. Expertise in a variety of processing technologies helped us to provide optimal solutions for completely personalized requirements. High quality water jet glass cutting solutions represent one of our main activities that developed a certain trend on local and international level. State-of-the-art technologies meet highly individual demands of our customers providing synergy of versatile and effective solutions for a wide range of applications.

Waterjet cutting is the technology using a high-pressure water jet (up to 7000 bar) together with an abrasive for a numerous types of material including glass. Water jet technology is capable of cutting glass of any thickness with a high level of precision. Moreover, waterjet machinery uses cold cut that does not alter the chemical and physical properties of the material. It is possible to cut 2D forms of any shape with a precision of 1 mm. Contact us to discover more about how we use water jet technologies to recieve high-precision finished products.

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