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Vetromarca is one of authentic glass cutting companies with commitment to Made in Italy quality standards. Glass cutting service is carried out using automated 'cutting bench'. The plates of large or regular size are loaded onto a mobile bridge, then they pass onto a fixed surface before being cut by a glass cutter, and finally, the last step is a manual chopping operation. The programmed measurements of the glass cutting are controlled by software that provides full automation of the process.

Service of glass fitting and cutting requires expert skills with many years of experience to bond the glass correctly (in a vehicle for instance). Vetromarca is one of several glass cutting companies in Italy that offers tailored services and applies techniques such as UV bonding.

Our Company provides glass and semi-finished products for use in a variety of fields: construction, cutting and grinding of glass in the sizes and dimensions required by the customer. Our performance and service define the product development focusing on coefficient of resistance for indoor and outdoor use. We are able to perform glass cutting of various degrees, depending on the thickness, quality and personalized features.

Call us or send us your requests in order to get immediate feedback on the price, schedules and conditions. At Vetromarca you can rely on a group of experts who will advise the optimal solution in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.