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The engraving of glass is for Vetromarca a fine art, aimed at achieving very elegant and highly effective products. Vetromarca can model each glass sheet using several techniques, creating furnishings and decorative possibilities with various functions, from small items to furniture elements such as doors and windows.

In particular, we cover glass engraving, cutting, grinding, bevelling, drilling, sanding, satin-etching, screen printing, bending, rolling-stratification, and again, tempering, enamel-painted, silver, UV bonding, and even binding.

The etching of glass is one of the many treatments to which this versatile material may be subjected to, always bringing brightness to the interiors. Etched glass is a kind of glass with a ''silky'' effect due to the incision process it is subjected to. Incisions can be carried out on a plate glass for practical uses (such as recesses for sliding windows or incisions intended for automotive glass) and also for decorative reasons.

The engravings of the glass can be straight or curved and are made using grindstones of various shapes and hardness via digitally controlled machinery.

This is what let us create decorative, versatile etched glasses ideal for all kind of environments.

The images above are just an example of our idea of glass incision, which we approach with art, craftsmanship, as well as experience and technology.

Feel free to contact us for more details and information, explaining your requirements and ideas.