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To gain success in tempered glass cutting services Vetromarca always used latest achievements in glass processing setting new standards for the industry. Since its foundation Vetromarca has been pursuing Made in Italy excellence in tempered glass processing including cutting to size and custom design solutions.

Vetromarca is well-known manufacturer of high-quality products made by a specific thermal process of glass tempering also called toughening used to make material stronger and more resistant. During this process, the sheet of glass is subjected to thermal shock in order to improve its technical characteristics, particularly with regard to strength and safety features as well as resistance to heat.

Glass tempering provides safety in regard to bending and damage: it decays in relatively harmless pieces and therefore does not represent a risk to people, that is why it is also called “safety glass”. This is the main reason why toughened  glass is widely used in high-risk areas. Tempered glass cutting is used in all the situations where heat, mechanical strength and safety are prime factors that should be taken into account. High quality toughened glass is widely used for production of side and rear windows in vehicles, entrance doors, shower and tub enclosures, patio furniture, cooktops kitchens, microwave ovens, skylights, and public spaces in schools and health centers.

Particular attention to tempered glass cutting is a pledge of our processing techniques. We combine newest technologies and Italian traditions sticking to Made in Italy quality standards: discover our website to unveil all possible processing techniques.

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