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Sandblasted glass is one of the oldest valuable techniques used to create decorations of outstanding beauty and effect. It is based on corundum glazing, which has now for long replaced sand. Sandblast process creates a rough and opaque layer with special cover: enough translucent but less transparent.

Remaining one of distinctive manufacturers of sandblasted glass in Italy, we offer optimal solutions precisely tailored to client's needs. The procedure consists in glass plate subjecting to the abrasive action using a jet of sand driven by jet of compressed air. Such procedure brings extraordinary results: after the treatment the transparent plate becomes opalescent.

Sandblasting is very helpful to reduce the glass transparency for home interiors, however allowing light to pass through. Mixing zones of frosted and transparent glass can also produce endless decorations. Glass worked with sandblast process turns out to be authentic piece of furniture for living and commercial spaces, allowing to preserve the privacy but ensuring full brightness.

Vetromarca sandblasted glass is created using traditional approach and new technologies. You can get simple opacification or satiny finishes, but also strong incisions at different levels that create three-dimensional effect. Sandblast processing is widely used in interior design to produce effects of radiation on the light and create special light effects and opacities.

Vetromarca specialized in tailor-made solutions including particular demands on sandblasting techniques for showcases and design projects, exclusive decorated items and interiors.